A Hypothetical Dilemma

Hi, Russ here and I’ve got a hypothetical question for you today, okay?

You run a school and its recruitment time. And you’re doing the interviews and you’re going to hire someone today to teach you your skills – the subject’s irrelevant, okay?

Now with the aid of your magic recruiters crystal ball you’ve discovered that the teacher that you’re going to hire is going to be with you for the next twenty five years – they’re here for a long stay.

Unfortunately, what this crystal ball doesn’t tell you is and it’s not on their resume is that this teacher doesn’t actually know this subject and what they’re going to do is they’re going to teach it wrong to every single student over the duration of their twenty five years.

So, all of those students are going to suffer and go out into the world with that wrong information that they got from you, okay, (or your school, I should say)

So your dilemma, if you knew this up from I’m just assuming that there’s no way that you’d hire them right?

However, let’s assume that you have hired them and then you find this out later on. So now what are you gonna do?

Are you gonna fire them because they have clearly lied on their resume? Are you gonna send them for retraining and hopefully that they’re going to be able to correct what they do from here on? Or are you gonna keep shtum and let it continue and just say nothing?

What would you do?

Well that is the exact same dilemma that you’ve got with Microsoft Word in your business.

If you’ve been around for the last 20 odd years with using Microsoft Word and the chances are you’ve been using it incorrectly because of the way that Microsoft have taught Word.

And that’s the problem that you’re faced now.

You can do something different or you can continue as you are and just ignore. And the problem is it’s costing you time and money whether you know it or not.

If you want to change that then I’m the man who can help you, okay?

I’ve done this with countless organizations over the last 20 odd years and I guarantee my success 100%

If we can’t solve your problem and save you’re at least 200 hours a year then you pay nothing okay?

I look forward to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

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