Business and non-business users have struggled with Microsoft Word for decades...


With most businesses, the way Microsoft Word is used sucks.

How about yours?

I truly hope it’s good.

But after over 20-years of working with businesses, I’m yet to see that.

Not once.

Personally, I’m horrified by the lack of Word ability out there.

Some claim to know the basics, but my own experiences show otherwise.

Unfortunately for your business, using the <ahem> world’s premier word-processor (allegedly) like this is costing businesses like yours a fortune.

Sadly, this is through no fault of your own.

That fault is Microsoft's.


And the longer you’ve been using it, the more you’ve already wasted.

I’ll come onto why in a moment, but the sad reality is that these losses are hidden:

  • We’ve always done it like this,”, is a common excuse.
  • Well, it’s Word. What do you expect?” is another.

However, and though you might find this strange—unbelievable even (at this stage)—but

Microsoft Word is Solid, Reliable, and Easy to Use

Word works. Every single time.

Think I’m crazy?

I’m not.

“I can wholly, unequivocally and without reservation recommend working with you, Russ. I speak five languages, and I don’t think I can find the words in any to make that statement any stronger or more sincere.”
Jonty Yamisha, CEO, OptiLingo

(This was a Word project that was projected to take Jonty 7.5 months. It was completed in under 1 week. The green case study, below, is for that project.)

I have proof. Tons of it.

Not only will I prove it to you, but I’ll also show you some astonishing results (and possibilities too).

More importantly, I’m going to give you the very answers (2 of them) that will turn Word around in your business.

By addressing just 2 fundamental mistakes, businesses have been able to reclaim anything from between 200-hours per year to $200,000 per year.


There’s Nothing Secretive Nor Complex About It Either

Such successes have been through straightforward Word improvements, with no special add‑ins, and no hocus-pocus wizardry.

Simple, straightforward Microsoft Word.

I Guarantee I Can Help You with Word in Your Business

(Your results may vary, of course, depending on what it is your business actually uses Word for, but astonishing results are easily within your reach.)

However, the first and most crucial part to understand is that where you are with Word today is not your fault.

The Fault Is Microsoft’s

I first started helping business with Word in 1999. Over 2 decades ago.

Yet, only last week, while fixing a new client’s Word template, it had the exact same problems that I was fixing at client’s premises in London over 20-years ago.

It’s inexcusable and if these fundamental mistakes are the same and being repeated…

The Clear Underlying Problem Is with Microsoft Word

Again, this isn’t you or your team messing up.

It’s down to Microsoft.

You could wait around for them to do something about it…

As mentioned above, it’s been ineffective for 20+ years.

But there is an answer. One that works:

“Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot of people’s lives a lot easier!”

Hannah Morris, Impact International

"Absolutely flawless execution of MS-WORD invoice template. Great communication and prompt delivery of work. Would hire again in an instant.”

Naor Chazan, Smartlinx

"I've never "met" anyone who is this much of a whizz with MS Word. There were things I was confident that couldn't be done... and Russ did them quickly and accurately."

Paul Evans, Excite Creative

“I have had the pleasure of working with Russ several times. He has fast become my go-to resource for all my MS Word issues. I have found him to be professional, collaborative and a joy to work with. I cannot say enough great things.”

Jonty Yamisha, CEO, OptiLingo

"Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I've worked with... Teach a man to fish... Couldn't recommend Russ more highly."

Colby Howard, Paragon Intel

This is just a fraction of them.

Having Completely Cracked the Word Code, I Can Do The Same For You

In this video, I’m not only going to show you that Microsoft Word is:

    • stable
    • reliable
    • predictable
    • trustworthy
    • easy-to-use.

    But I’ll also tell you:

    • The 2 reasons why you struggle with it
    • Exactly where you’re going wrong and how to fix it.

    (At the end here, I will also be offering you my own proven and guaranteed solution that will shortcut your path to success.)

    Where Actually Are We Today?

    Having helped businesses (and other Word users) for over 2 decades, it sometimes pays to provide context around where we are.

    A quick look at what’s been achieved this century shows some incredible events:

    • The rise of the Internet and the explosion of social media
    • The iPhone (and Apple becoming the 1st trillion $ company in history)
    • The 1st black President of the United States
    • Same sex marriage legalised in all 50 states
    • Healthier children and more kids in schools globally
    • Yet with Microsoft Word you still can’t move an image in without it screwing up your entire document!

    And that’s the reality of Microsoft Word today.


    I call it the Microsoft Word conundrum…

    The Microsoft Word Conundrum

    On the one hand, Word itself has come on in leaps and bounds – what you can do with Word is astonishing.

    But on the other, for users (for you and your organization) it’s still as bad as it ever was.

    Users still expect to use Word the same today as they did way back when.

    1. Start Word on your computer and the new document is there.
    2. Start typing.
    3. When you want to format it, you select some text, click on the Bold or Italic buttons, increase the font size, and so on.

    Then what?

    What 's The Next Step?

    Back in 1994, when I started using Word, I asked myself that very same question.

    26-years on…

    With technology advancing like never before, with Word itself being as shockingly powerful as it is, why in terms of using it are we still stuck in the 20th century?

    Look at it this way…

    If Word’s functionality itself has improved so much over the last 15+ years (and it has, I can assure you), then why are businesses and everyone else still struggling to move an image without it screwing up the entire document?

    The answer’s quite simple:

    Because Microsoft Have and Continue to Fail You

    Specifically, in 2 areas:

    • Word’s design
    • Word’s education/training

    But, because it’s in only 2 areas, it's easy to fix and isn’t complicated.

    I’ll elaborate the why in a moment.

    But before we that, why should you even listen to a word that I say?

    You’ve already seen some of the results I’ve achieved, but


    Let me introduce myself…

    Hi, I’m Russ Crowley,

    A British national, I first started using Word in 1994.


    In 1994, I was happily working as a roughneck on a North Sea drilling rig and I fell headfirst through a hole in the deck and came of worst.

    Forced to retrain. I started night college and it was then that I decided to use Microsoft Word to write my assignments.

    My injuries were almost as painful as using Word.

    It was 3-years later, when I got hired in my new career, that I actually started to get to solid grips with Word.

    One of my colleagues designed the Word templates we were using to write manuals for Arco, the oil and gas company.

    I asked questions, lot of them, and suddenly ‘it’ clicked.

    In 1999, I took my MCSE, went freelance, and have been helping businesses ever since.

    Business such as Fortune 100, 500, and other clients, including Microsoft, McDonalds, Fidelity, Barclays, Aviva, and a 100 or so others.

    Here’s what some of them have said:

    “Russ Crowley is a true professional. I had to have a complex manuscript formatted in Microsoft Word for an academic press, and Russ delivered a perfect final product right on schedule.”

    David Arndt, Author, Arendt on the Political

    “Five stars isn't enough. I wish all my staff and contractors were as professional and good at what they do as Russ is.”

    Henry Adams, Common Capital

    “Russ was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and professional…”

    Todd Mobley, Lancaster Mobley

    “I couldn't recommend Russ more highly.”

    Henry Adams, Common Capital

    “Great communicator, very knowledgeable, responsive and keen to educate along the way.”

    Darren L, NDA in place

    "Russ is great to work with! Communicative, agile and responsive. He has deep expertise in Microsoft products - a great partner!"

    Heather Davies

    And these are a few more of the some 120+ reviews and testimonials that I have.

    On top of this, I’m also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word Expert.

    However, though a badge is a nice-to-have, it doesn’t come close to 20+ years of hands-on experience of working with businesses.

    Seeing how they want to use and apply Word in their own organizations. That’s where the real value is.

    It’s that time, those lessons, and seeing real results that have led me to not buying into the Microsoft propaganda about how they suggest we should use Word.


    From a business perspective, this practice has done more harm than good.

    Before I continue, it’s important to understand that I love using Word. It’s an incredible program.

    I use it for all my writing work, I write about Word, I help as many as I can with it…

    …but I get angry when I still see people struggling with the basics

    With Word, this isn’t even close to being as good as it gets

    Microsoft’s Approach Has and Continues to Fail You

    First, Word’s very UI/UX design is flawed.

    Second, as a result, their instruction around how to use Word (which must hinge on that design) can only be flawed as a result.

    20+ Years On, the Results Support This 100%

    Have you ever considered why users don’t struggle in the same manner with Excel or PowerPoint?

    But they do with Word.

    They are different beasts, of course. But

    Microsoft Word’s Design is a Distraction

    It’s not a showstopper. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Rather it sets you off on the right track, so you think this is how to use Word, but then you hit a crossroads and…

    You're Given No Clue as What To Do Next!

    You’ll try and solve it yourself.

    We all do. (You probably already have.)

    We do this because we’re busy and we want to get on.

    Then what?

    What If You Can’t Solve the Problem?

    Off we go down Word’s rabbit-hole.

    Then the frustrations and the venting:

    (I agree in part with what Keith’s saying about the UX.)

    Here’s the thing…

    Word’s design is, and works, for the casual user:

    “Select this, click here, do that…”

    But for business users who need documents with a little more depth and that are a little more complicated, such as reports, agreements, invoices…

    Word's Design will Cause Your Failure

    I once called Word a precision tool and someone scoffed at me.

    I’m sure they knew better…

    But given Word can position to 1/72” (about 0.33 mm), can drill-down to a font size and line spacing of ½ point, etc., it’s damn good.

    When you also consider that Word is:

      • Logical
      • Well-structured
      • Stable
      • Has built in flow and dependencies, etc., many of the functions to make your life easier.

      It is an incredibly powerful word-processor.

      So why do so many have problems with it?

      Because the Design FOCUS Is Wrong

      By design focus, I mean the next step beyond the “I’m stuck and what do I do now?” part. What do you do next?

      Because that initial part—the part that you’ve just done and took you to the crossroads—is only the first step.

      Yes, it is a part of your document structure, best practice, and designing your document layout.

      But it’s just the first step.

      And that’s where Microsoft let you down.

      What do you do next?

      It’s then that the UI/UX overwhelm kicks in and you try and fix it yourself.

      It can’t be that difficult, right?

      But that’s the part that everyone misses.

      However, this part is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT in Microsoft Word.

      Styles Are the Key to Word’s Kingdom

      NOTHING ELSE in Word even comes close.

      This section here called styles:

      But among that clutter, how could you possibly know that?

      And that’s where the design aspect of Word is so wrong.

      Just so there’s no misunderstanding: Styles are the key to Microsoft Word.

      Styles Are the Initial Step to Your Design Success

      You’re now on your way to building solid, stable Word documents.

      So why don’t Microsoft tell you this?

      Because their focus is wrong.

      Everything you do in Word is function, click here, click there – it’s function.

      But presentation , the result of function, depends on styles.

      Everything in Word Has a Style

      Insert a picture, it has a style.

      Insert a table, it has a style.

      Don’t want to use styles?

      Tough. You have to.

      Styles underpin everything.

      “I have used multiple book formatters in the past, but none of them came even close to the expertise and skill of Russ…”

      Nina Hershberger, Megabucks Marketing

      The reason why no-one else came even close…?

      They don’t understand styles.

      Effective Design Delivers Stability, Reliance, Results, and Success

      When you do understand them, your templates and documents instantly become:

        • Reliable – no more failures when deadlines are looming
        • Easy to use – as I’ll show shortly, when done right, Word is a ‘joy to work with’.
        • Effective – from publishing simple letters to detailed, branded reports, and even complex manuscripts for academic publication
        • Expandable — Word can easily accommodate 800+ pages
        • Customizable – you can modify Word’s UI and workflow to match the way that you work
        • Easily branded (for consistency) – for professional looking, on-point, documents 24/7
        • And they get everyone on the same page — pun intended, but when done correctly, your team now has no excuses for doing their own thing. Results are within reach.

        More importantly, you and your authors will know exactly what you need, how to do it, and above all, how simple and easy it is to do.

        Can you imagine someone on your team saying:

        "I must admit, it is a joy to work on a docx file that has been set up properly. I know it does sound funny when somebody says it is a joy to work with WORD."

        Jan Kampman, Mulder-Kampman

        That’s not something you expect to hear associated with Word, is it?

        Yet, when you get the design right, Word can be easy.

        I say ‘can be’ because

        Effective Design Without Effective Training Is Useless

        On their own, well-designed templates might get you results – might.

        But they won’t get you the results that I want for you.


        Because of culture.

        If I could ban one sentence from the English language it would be:

        “But, but… this is how we’ve always done it.”


        In 2002, I was freelancing as a technical copywriter at Barclays Bank on one of their major projects.

        Like most organizations, their Word templates were awful and fighting with them wasted so much time.

        I asked if it’d be okay to redesign them. They said yes.

        (Unsurprisingly, every company I ever worked at in the UK said yes when I offered the same: Vizzavi, CDC Capital Partners, Infobank, Aviva...)

        When ready, I emailed the templates and instructions to the reviewers.

        The feedback I got from the IT Director’s PA was a little <ahem> unexpected.

        She stomped over to where our small group of freelancers sat and, no holds barred, unleashed in front of everyone—managers, employees, the entire office!

        “Who in god’s name created these Word templates?
        They’re awful, a disaster. I know how to use Word and, and …”

        On it went.

        In plain view of everyone – 50 or 60 pairs of hands dropping what they’re doing, and an equal number of eyes tuned straight in.

        Cutting a long and painful (for me) story short, she later offered a full and open apology to the entire office for her tirade of abuse.

        (But that was only after we’d gone through and followed the instructions I’d also sent with the email, which she openly admitted she hadn’t read.)

        I was fully exonerated but not something I ever want to an experience again.

        Though the delivery manner was inexcusable, such resistance is natural.

        But the Success Thereafter…

        Success means:

        1. Improved Word skills
        2. Improved efficiency.
        3. Massive cost and time savings for your organization.

        My Designs Work And My System Works

        Since 2011, after moving exclusively online, I’ve helped well over 120 clients to improve their Microsoft Word documents, templates, and skills:

        • I know Word.
        • I know how it works.
        • I know how to fix it when it doesn’t.
        • I know how to teach it to others.

        "Russ was outstanding to work with..."

        Jim Clary, Clary Executive Benefits

        "...Did exactly as asked but also explained pros and cons of different options/alternatives..."

        Patrick, ND in place


        The main cause is as already mentioned — the design, the abandoning you, and the leaving you wondering what to do next is.

        The second cause is

        Lack of Effective Education and Training

        Make no mistake, the education and training for Microsoft Word are there.

        Microsoft have a huge, free documents website for every single one of their products.

        When you visit, it’s instant info overload.

        That’s a huge part of the problem.

        But the MS Word information you need is in there.

        I know it’s there because Microsoft hired me to write it!

        Some of it, that is. It’s too much for one person.

        But when you don’t know what to do in Word, you’re going to be lost going there…

        Word’s Training, Education, and Disseminating This Information to the Front-line is Lacking.

        Again, when done right, I can’t emphasise how simple Word is to use:

        “Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot of people’s lives a lot easier!”

        Hannah Morris, Head of Design and Development, Impact International

        This client’s templates were image-intensive and complicated.

        On their own, the templates would be useless.

        Because people resort to form, to what they know.

        Word Design and Word Training Can’t Be in Isolation

        • Keith didn’t arrive at his conclusion from wasting just half-a-day with Word.
        • Our erstwhile PA at Barclays openly admitted she didn’t even look at the instructions.

        What About Training Without Design?

        If that worked, then you could go to Udemy, watch a course and ‘voila’, you’re sorted.

        But we know that doesn’t work.

        I've already mentioned why.

        Word Design and Training Are Like Apple Pie and Ice Cream

        In isolation, it’s a part-fix, that’s all.

        Together, we have the complete solution.

        That’s exactly why I created my Microsoft Word for Businesses Templates pack and video training.


        This pack incorporates the templates that:

        • I use myself in my own business.
        • I use for my clients.

        They know I deliver guaranteed results. That’ why they’re happy to pay me $100/hour to either create or fix their documents:

        Please don't think for a minute that these are random results.

        They happen every single time.

        Without exception.

        If you were to buy my templates and training individually, here’s what we’re looking at:

        You not only get the blank, clean templates for each template, but also the samples below:

        Note: these all contain dummy text only. These are not fill in the blanks templates. 

        • Master Template

          (This is only available as part of the templates pack. I do not sell this individually. Typically, at 4-hours to create and brand to an organization’s requirements, this template takes the longest - $400)

        • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Template

          This can be used for process/procedural-type documents where ordered heading numbering is needed - $125

        • Job Description Form Template

          For advertising and recruiting the best candidates - $75

        • Agenda Template

          For recording those all-important meetings - $75

        • Blank Template

          Easy to brand and can be used as an ad-hoc template for any other document-types that are required - $100

        • Checklist Template

          List-making made easy, clean, and beautiful - $50

        • Invoice Template

          A stunning yet striking invoice template - $75

        • Minutes Template

          A simple and easy to use minutes form that you can fill in and print out or to print out and write on - $50

        • New Vendor Form Template

          Have a list of preferred suppliers (or need to create one)? Use this form for all your new vendors - $75

        • Quality Policy Template

          Perfect for creating your organization’s Quality Policy and associated documentation - $100

        • Quote Template

          A simple, professional template for all your quotations - $50

        • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template

          This template is an ordered, structured template perfect for SLA's and the like - $100

        • Note Template

          A clean and simple template to be printed out and used for note - $50

        • Report Template

          A clean, structured (and numbered) template setup for complex reports - $100

        • Contract Template

          A legal-type template that can be used for your organization’s contracts - $100

        • Exit Interview Template

          Use this template for when staff leave the organization - $75

        • Legal Numbering Template

          Structured and legal numbering for all your legal-type documentation - $150

        • Proposal Template

          A stunning proposal template for all your customer/client proposals - $50

        • Letter Template

          A simple, clean, and standard letter template that reflects your brand on all snail mail communications - $50

        • Sales and Purchasing Agreement Template

          Another legal-type document structure with different numbering and specific headers - $75

        • Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

          A structured, clean layout for Non-Disclosures and that type of document - $50

        • Video Training

          2-hours 15-minutes of video training (It takes around 8-hours to create 1-hour of video @$50/hours) - $800

        But when you follow along with the 2-hours of video training, this is what's possible (you also get these documents with default, dummy text so you can easily replicate these).

        Note: these are samples of what's easy to create with the blank templates you receive. You also receive 1 each of these documents as they are shown (in various colours), i.e. the SOP is branded with the Office theme.

        As these are designed correctly, they only take seconds to change, so there's no point in me providing all 6 variations of the same document.

        Sample branded Documents/Templates

        SOP  to Note  (3 colour variations of each)

        • SOP Template - Violet theme

        • SOP Template - Red Orange theme

        • SOP Template - Green theme

        • Job Description - Office theme

        • Job Description - Blue theme

        • Job Description - Red theme

        • Agenda - Green theme

        • Agenda - Violet theme

        • Agenda - Red/Orange theme

        • Invoice - Office theme

        • Invoice - Blue theme

        • Invoice - Red theme

        • Minutes - Green theme

        • Minutes - Violet theme

        • Minutes - Red/Orange theme

        • New Vendor Form - Office theme

        • New Vendor Form - Blue theme

        • New Vendor Form - Red theme

        • Quality Policy - Green theme

        • Quality Policy - Violet theme

        • Quality Policy - Red/Orange theme

        • Quote - Office theme

        • Quote - Blue theme

        • Quote - Red theme

        • SLA - Green theme

        • SLA - Violet theme

        • SLA - Red/Orange theme

        • Note - Office theme

        • Note - Blue theme

        • Note - Red theme

        Report to NDA (3 colour variations of each)

        • Report Template - Blue theme

        • Report Template - Green theme

        • Report Template - Office theme

        • Contract Template - Red theme

        • Contract Template - Red/Orange theme

        • Contract Template - Violet theme

        • Exit Interview - Blue theme

        • Exit Interview - Green theme

        • Exit Interview - Office theme

        • Legal Numbering - Red theme

        • Legal Numbering - Red/Orange theme

        • Legal Numbering - Violet theme

        • Proposal - Blue theme

        • Proposal - Green theme

        • Proposal - Office theme

        • Letter - Blue theme

        • Letter - Green theme

        • Letter - Office theme

        • Sales and Purchasing Agreement - Red theme

        • Sales and Purchasing Agreement - Red/Orange theme

        • Sales and Purchasing Agreement - Violet theme

        • NDA - Blue theme

        • NDA - Green theme

        • NDA - Office theme

        • Checklist - Red

        • Checklist - Red/Orange

        • Checklist - Violet

        The blank templates you will receive (you also receive 1 sample of the branded versions, above, as stated):

        There's full video training on how to brand these templates. 

        (Of course, if you prefer, you can take my already branded, sample documents tweak and use them - it's your call.)

        • Master template

          Master [Design] template

        • Blank SOP template

        • Blank Job Description template

        • Blank Agenda template

        • Blank Template

        • Invoice Template

        • Minutes Template

        • New vendor form Template

        • Quality Policy Template

        • Quote Template

        • SLA Template

        • Note Template

        • Report Template

        • Contract Template

        • Exit Interview Template

        • Legal Numbering Template

        • Proposal Template

        • Letter Template

        • Sales and Purchasing Agreement Template

        • Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

        • Checklist Template

        But, as this is a templates pack and a special offer, you won’t pay anywhere near that price.

        I want you and your business to succeed and stop I want you to stop struggling with Microsoft Word.

        Before I reveal the price, I absolutely want to make this a complete no-brainer for you.

        What This Pack Contains

        This is what the pack itself contains:

          • The full suite of 21 Microsoft Word templates, as detailed above (A4 and letter, pc and Mac)
          • Full video training on how to customize the templates to your own brand (unlimited licenses for your organization)
          • Full video training of how I brand the templates for my own uses (unlimited licenses for your organization) – coming soon.
          • All future templates that I create for this pack (if you need a new template for your business and it’s something that others will use, then let me know and I’ll create it for you and add it to the pack for others) for free
          • All template upgrades (as Microsoft update and improve their service, so will I.
          • 365-days email support.

          The total value for that, as I’ve shown is $2,725. (If I was to do this 1:1 for your company, we would be looking at $10k+).

          But to further boost the value you will—and to ensure you never struggle with Microsoft Word in your business again—you also get the following bonuses:


          I’m also giving you access to 3 of my Microsoft Word courses (2 are paid courses). You get 10 licenses for each of the paid courses:

            • ‘A Quick Start to Microsoft Word’ (This is a free 1.5 course. Making you aware that it’s a course I’ve created and is available. It’s a great refresher or a rewire into how Word should actually be used.)
            • Working with Word Images (is a short, 1-hour course that shows you exactly how images in Word work – price $47 each: x 10 = $470)
            • Microsoft Word Fundamentals (this is my power course: 7.5 hours of training to get you from Word-zero to Word-hero within the shortest time possible) – price $279 each: x 10 = $2,790).

            (If you need more than 10 licenses for your organization, then a deep discount on each is available. Contact me if you need more.)


            Together, combined with the business pack templates, that’s a total value of:


            Individual Price ($)

            Microsoft Word business pack complete


            Working with Word Images (10 lifetime licenses)


            Microsoft Word Fundamentals (10 lifetime licenses)




            Here’s Why I’m Giving This Away Today…

            That’s over 70% off the full templates price and over 85% off the full package (plus bonuses) price.

            Note: I was charging way more for this 4-years ago:

            The state of Microsoft Word usage today—and it is universal—is appalling.

            Personally, I’m sick to the back teeth of it and, despite it being an uphill struggle, I’m determined to do something to change it.

            As such, and because I want you to succeed, today, I’m offering this entire pack, plus video training, plus bonuses for just $697.

            "Russ was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and professional..."

            Todd Mobley, Mobley Lancaster

            I Can Do The Work For You

            But for a project this size, it'll cost you over $10k.

            On that basis, though my templates are good, you must do the work.

            (If you want to hire me to help, I can do that – check out my Word Ignition package on my website.)

            But it’s important to note that if you take my design and decide to skip the training, then you will fail.

            The Video Training Is Essential

            The video training is 2-hours 51 minutes in total.

            Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the skills needed to make these work.

            1. The templates are already designed.
            2. All you need to do is brand them and then…
            3. Type, point, and click.

            You can break them – and I guarantee that you will if you don’t watch and implement the training.

            If you do break the template, go back to the original and start again.

            Effort Is Required

            Seriously, if you have no intention of watching the training, then don’t buy the templates.

            I don’t want you to waste your money and I’d much prefer you saved it or spend it on something useful.

            This package is for businesses who are serious about making a real, tangible difference.

            Why Didn’t I Offer This Before?

            The Microsoft Word for Businesses Template pack is brand new.

            I’ve created Word apps and training before (the bonuses are 3 of the Word courses I’ve created), but I’ve only ever previously offered one-to-one design and training packages to clients.

            These have been met with phenomenal success and it’s those results that led me to create this business pack.

            I get that not everyone can afford my one-to-one personal and custom Word Ignition service.

            I get that not everyone thinks they want it.

            Many would prefer to do it themselves.

            The Microsoft Word for Businesses Templates pack bridges those gaps.

            That’s why this offer is brand new.


            Several clients have told me that my Word skills are unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

            Timothy, owner of Innovatory Consulting (himself a competent Word user) wrote:

            “...Many freelancers claim to be able to assist with a client's problem, but he not only quickly addresses the issue but also ensures you understand why and how he applied the solution.

            Timothy, Innovatory Consulting

            (This was the trial project that he didn’t believe could be done. I was then awarded the main project.)

            On completion:

            “Amazing freelancer, Russ has forgot more about WORD than I’ll ever be able to learn. He took what could have been an impossible task and made it incredibly successful”

            Henry Adams, Common Capital

            Steve, owner of Conceptia, wrote:

            "Working with Russ answers once and for all, "what's the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?""

            Steve Pinckney, Conceptia

            Hannah, Head of Design and Development at Impact International said:

            “…I really appreciated the walk-through videos - it made a complex job very easy to understand and digest at my own pace. Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot of people’s lives a lot easier!”

            Hannah Morris, Head of Design and Development, Impact International

            Paul, owner of Excite Creative wrote

            “I've never "met" anyone who is this much of a whizz with MS Word. There were things I was confident that couldn't be done... and Russ did them quickly and accurately.”

            Paul Evans, Excite Creative

            And Colby, president of Paragon Intel said:

            “Makes me reconsider what 5-stars means for everyone else I've worked with...teach a man to fish..."

            Colby Howard, President, Paragon Intel


            My guess is no.

            At this stage, it should be clear to you that I know Microsoft Word.

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            It’s not a case of how many Word experts with 21-years of working with businesses are there out there, it’s do they have the chops to back it up?

            I’ve been doing ‘this’ for over 2 decades and my system works.


            The price is so low for 7 reasons:

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            3. Business is all about relationships (see item 2, above) — I’m here to help.
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            Make no mistake, my Word training is good, but my templates are the best.

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            Too many think “It’s just Word, right?”

            No, it’s not. Not when it’s saving you $50,000 or more a year.

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            Not a huge amount, but

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            They have offices in 16 other countries too.

            They hired me to make updates in 2019:

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            Hannah Morris, Impact International

            Again, none of these results are flukes.

            I 'get' Word.

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            p.s. You know how your business uses Word. You know how good your people are at using the tools they’re equipped with. It can carry on as it is, or you can do something about it.

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