Word Wastage

This calculator will give you a rough approximation of just how much inefficiency with Word is costing you.

I know "It's only Word", but it might--just might--be an eye-opener!


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That's quite a shocker, I think you'll agree?

"But it's only Word!"

I know. And that's why I know how much it's costing you.

I have some cracking testimonials from clients stating how I've helped them, and how much they've saved.

It's far more than cost or time savings, though.

Newly Discovered Productive Time

First off, that unproductive time is clawed back and can be transformed into productive time. If your team wasted 1 hour a day each with Word that's over half-day per week of never-before-had productive time - per person.  

Poor Morale

Also, have you, yourself, ever been lumbered with a tool you despise? How'd that work out for you?

How do you think your team feel being forced through the dreaded 'Word purgatory' on a daily basis?

Imagine the performance--the potential--if your team are both more productive and happier than ever before? (Happier staff are around 13% more productive, according to Oxford University and other sources.)

"Hi Russ,

I must admit, it is a joy to work on a docx file that has been set up properly. I know it does sound funny when somebody says it is a joy to work with WORD."

Jan Kampman (Mulder-Kampman.com.au - 14th July 2015)

It doesn't take a lot.

If you haven't already checked my case studies out, I'd recommend doing so. Then you'll see how I saved:

  • 1 client around $50,000/year
  • Another over 200-hours per year
  • With yet a third, I saved them between $100k and $150k per year...

The savings are there. I guarantee it.

Click here to check out my case studies.