“I have used multiple book formatters in the past, but none of them came even close to the expertise and skill of Russ. I am 100% certain I will be hiring him again in the future. I know when I give Russ a job, it will be done correctly without my having to double check everything. I was also blown away by his shooting videos to explain some things to me. He deserves stars well beyond 5!”
"Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I've worked with. Russ recorded videos explaining everything he was doing to help our document and how we could do it ourselves going forward. Teach a mean to fish... Couldn't recommend Russ more highly."
"By far the most skilled contractor with respect to his mastery of Microsoft Word. I also believe his is one of the most understated profiles as well. My experience with Mr. Crowley far exceeded my expectations. Many freelancers claim to be able to assist with a client's problem but he not only quickly addresses the issue but also ensures you understand why and how he applied the solution. I will be coming back to him again in the future with more tasks."
"Amazing freelancer. Russ has forgot more about WORD than I’ll ever be able to learn. He took what could have been an impossible task and made it incredibly successful."
Tim - 2nd review/full project
Innovatory Consulting
"Russ was amazing to work with. From his tailored job application through to completion of this small project, he was absolutely the right man for the job. His technical knowledge and ability (especially with MS Word) was amazing. His attention to detail, speed in his work, and punctual delivery was probably the best I've seen on UpWork. Will definitely be working with him again in the very near future. His rate is well worth every $ Thanks Russ!"
"Russ is a true professional. Not only did he do the job perfectly, but he went above and beyond the job requirements and created a short video to help me with similar projects in the future. He is responsive, prompt, patient, polite, understanding, and hyper-competent. I could not ask for a better freelancer. He has my highest recommendation."
"I was most impressed by Russ. He was very professional and capable. He kept me up to date with his progress, and went over and beyond to explain to me the technical aspects of the job. I would definitely recommend him!"
Alicia B
"This is the second time I've engaged with Russ and once again he has done an amazing job. Excellent work ethic, great communication and very professional. Russ always goes above and beyond to take the time and educate on the intricacies of Word. Thank you once again Russ and look forward to engaging with you again in future."
"Russ has been so very helpful with an urgent last-minute job. The communication from Russ was fantastic and he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Microsoft Word. Russ went above and beyond by sharing his tips and tricks which is much appreciated. Highly recommend Russ to anyone looking for a Word expert and we will definitely be in touch for future projects. Thank you again!"
"Five stars isn't enough. I wish all my staff and contractors were as professional and good at what they do as Russ is. Russ helped is develop great looking, versatile, stable, but very complicated macro driven word template. The quality of his work, time management, efficiency and communication are outstanding. We have learned so much we didn't know we didn't know through working with him. He also adds value by providing short videos explaining what he has done, so we can now easily do ourselves things that seemed to complicated to even consider."
Russ is a REAL Word expert and takes the time to share his skills and explain clearly how things work. He jumped on several calls with me and even created short videos to show me how I should do. He created a Word template for us including styles, cover page that adapts to different paper formats, graphs and tables (using Quick parts). Our work is now much easier to create nice corporate documents which are consistent across the company."
"Russ has been a pleasure to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a lot during our time working together. His communication is excellent, I really appreciated the walk though videos - it made a complex job very easy to understand and digest at my own pace. Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot peoples lives a lot easier! hope to work with you again soon."
"Russ is a highly competent expert in technical editing and copywriting. Russ was able to work as a seamless extension to our business analysis and software development team to craft and update detailed design documents and analysis documents. His experience and expertise improved not only the documents but also our team's skills and capabilities by showing us new and improved ways of crafting and editing documents. As an added benefit, Russ works/lives in a different time zone which allowed our team to provide him documents at the end of a day and receive them back from Russ when we arrived to the office in the morning. I and our entire team, wholehearted endorse Russ and his excellent work. We will definitely engage him again in the future. Thanks."
"Russ was absolutely fantastic to work with! He explained things to me that I wasn't quite sure about and the quality of his work was second-to-none. I've never "met" anyone who is this much of a whizz with MS Word. There were things I was confident that couldn't be done... and Russ did them quickly and accurately. Thanks again Russ... I hope to be able to send more work your way in the near future."
Paul Evans
Excite Creative
"Russ was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and professional, he's experienced enough to understand just what our needs were. He went above and beyond by producing instructional videos for my staff. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Russ, in fact I intend to if I need any miscellaneous follow-up work as we implement the templates and documents he developed for us."
"As we launched a new brand, we needed a Microsoft Word consultant to create a new proposal document and delivery document template. Russ was extremely professional, communicating timelines and best practices via video - so we could be a part of his process and learn from it. He was also very patient and informative as we worked with him to figure out which word styles we needed in our proposal/delivery document templates. I would recommend Russ to anyone in need of a detail oriented, passionate word specialist."
Review - PaulMac1