Case Studies

"It's only Microsoft Word."

Except when it can save you hundreds of hours or many thousands of dollars, that is.

At that point, it's a whole new ballgame.

We've all used, and thrown away, tools that are unfit for purpose. Some more quickly than others. But when you know that the tool you're using has so much potential, but using it is so d*** painful, frustrating, and challenging, then something's clearly amiss.

"Surely it shouldn't be this difficult?"​

No, it shouldn't.

It should be the opposite, shouldn't it?

How often have you heard this:

"I must admit, it is a joy to work on a docx file that has been set up properly. I know it does sound funny when somebody says it is a joy to work with WORD."
Jan Kampman - I must admit, it is a joy to work on a docx file that has been set up properly. I know it does sound funny when somebody says it is a joy to work with WORD.

I'd helped Jan with their architectural and design reports, and saved them a bunch of time (I forgot to ask how much time back then).

Word can, and should, be a joy to work with. The results can also be significant too

(A quick summary of each is below the flipbook.)

Paragon Intel - $48,000* per year savings

Colby engaged me to redesign and simplify 2 complex reports.

About 2 months after delivery, I asked how he was getting on and how much time the new designs saved him.

"About 10 hours per week."

"Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I've worked with. Russ recorded videos explaining everything he was doing to help our document and how we could do it ourselves going forward. Teach a mean to fish... Couldn't recommend Russ more highly."

*Based on $100/hour for ease of calculation. (Located on Madison Avenue, New York, ParagonIntel's consultancy fees will understandably be far higher.)

Impact International - 200 hours per year savings (in their UK office)

Hannah contacted me to help with the redesign and usability of one of their complex reports (A4 and letter).

When I asked her how much time Impact saved, she said about 5 hours per week. In their UK office.

Impact have offices in 18 countries.

"Russ has been a pleasure to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a lot during our time working together. His communication is excellent, I really appreciated the walk though videos - it made a complex job very easy to understand and digest at my own pace. Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot peoples lives a lot easier! hope to work with you again soon."

CASSA - 500 hours per year savings

CASSA (Compliant Automated Safety Systems Alliance) is a construction industry SaaS company who I did a number of projects for, including a lot of VBA work, automating Word, etc.

"Russ has delivered exceptional work. Suggesting pivotal improvements and automating procedures and documents allows us to focus on the things we need and will save us at least 10-hours per week."

DriverTrett - $100,000 - $200,000 savings per year

With multiple collaborators working on each project report, it was taking Thursten Ollerenshaw and team 7-10 days to collate, reformat, and produce each report. Template redesign and video training helped them cut this down to a single day saving them between $5,000 and $10,000 per report.

DriverTrett produced over 20 reports per year.

“Russ, working with you has made it easier for the company to produce a consistent product in terms of style and format and the saving in time allowed the authors more time to think about the content.”

I'm happy to help with any Word questions or issues you have.

How come?

Because, when setup correctly, Word is surprisingly easy.

I’ll record a quick video where I not only tell you what the problems with your template are, but I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to fix them.

Zero obligations

Being crystal-clear and 100% UPFRONT, there is zero obligation here.

Feel free to take the video and the actionable information I provide and do your own thing/fix it in-house, etc. It’s your call. 

But if you do need to enlist my help, feel free to contact me to discuss.

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