If you've seen my client feedback, reviews, and testimonials, then you'll know my method works.

So much so that I give a 100% lifetime guarantee for all my MS Word work.

As I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have Word templates that I created last century that still work today.

Word's design principles haven't changed since I started using it in 1994*.

What does that mean for you?

My guarantee is that if after engaging my services, you ever encounter an issue with the Word templates or documents that I design, build, and create for you, I will update/fix them for free, i.e., zero cost to you.

* Prior to the 2007 release of Microsoft Office, Word (and the other Office apps) were built using an old legacy design. (You may recall that Word documents had the .doc suffix at the time.) Due to limitations and issues, Microsoft revamped the entire suite to a new proprietary xml-based design. (The main Word .doc suffix changed to .docx to reflect this). The new system was lighter, faster, more reliable, etc. However, certain elements of my old, pre-2007 templates didn't work correctly as a result of this change. Remedying them was quick and easy and despite all the bells-and-whistles, in terms of design, Word hasn't changed since I first learned how to design templates for businesses in 1999. (The first business template I ever designed was for a company named Infobank-the design is below).

"Five stars isn't enough. I wish all my staff and contractors were as professional and good at what they do as Russ is. Russ helped is develop great looking, versatile, stable, but very complicated macro driven word template. The quality of his work, time management, efficiency and communication are outstanding. We have learned so much we didn't know we didn't know through working with him. He also adds value by providing short videos explaining what he has done, so we can now easily do ourselves things that seemed to complicated to even consider."

I'm happy to help with any Word questions or issues you have.

How come?

Because, when setup correctly, Word is surprisingly easy.

I’ll record a quick video where I not only tell you what the problems with your template are, but I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to fix them.

Zero obligations

Being crystal-clear and 100% UPFRONT, there is zero obligation here.

Feel free to take the video and the actionable information I provide and do your own thing/fix it in-house, etc. It’s your call. 

But if you do need to enlist my help, feel free to contact me to discuss.

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