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Vibrant Vocations

Vibrant Vocations is a clean, professional and fully-responsive resume layout and accompanying cover letter design comprises one of our most popular products. With plenty of room to include all your skills and experience, it's the perfect resume for today's professional.
Don't forget to check out the other images to see how this design looks when completed. See sample cvs and letters from Gandalf the Grey, Wonder Woman, Fred Flintstone, William Shakespeare and others (these have been added as a bit of fun and so you can see and get an idea of what the completed resume and cover letter will look like. Any errors are purely the fault of this author and no need to call me out if you spot one).

Look inside

See how the resume and cover letter look as a blank file and when populated (with some fun fiction and non-fiction heroes and superheroes).
Remember, you can fully-customise the template and colours within minutes. :D). See the full description, below, for more details.