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Like all Word For Businesses templates, this template is built and tested by me and comes with full text and video training on how to quickly customize the template to your company brand.

Below are several sample documents so that you can see exactly what the template looks like when complete. As you may know, with Word, the template/document design underpins everything and this is what makes the W4B templates stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Sample documents

Please check out the template samples below:

Sample Agenda Template for Project Phoenix

Sample Agenda template (using the Office ‘Blue’ theme)

Blank Agenda Word Template

This is the Word template that you get after purchase and can rebrand as required:

What you get

  • Word agenda document (.docx) – A4 and US Letter
  • Sample Word and pdf documents as shown in the samples, below (designs will have different headings, layouts, etc., so you can either modify the template or the samples.
  • Word Basics Readme (docx & pdf) containing walkthrough instructions and videos about how to use Word to customize your template
  • How to guide containing video training on how to rebrand the template within minutes.

– – – –

You may notice on some sites that sellers will list multiple designs, one in black, one in blue, another in red, etc. But that’s because they don’t understand how Word works. I show you how you can easily customize any and all templates quickly to get the exact look you need.

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Additional info

With Microsoft Word, the hard work is actually in the design itself.

However, with the W4B templates, this has been done for you. Now all you need do is tweak the template to your brand colours, add your logo, and you're good to go.

Keep it simple sunshine

Word will let you do some extravagant and creative designs but simple is best.

One word of advice is to remember Word's Get out of jail card:

  1. Save a copy of your template and work on that copy.
  2. In Word, Ctrl+Z (this is the shortcut key combination for undo) is your best friend.

Instant access after download

Remember, when you purchase this template you get:

  • Instant access after download.
  • Video training on how to work with these templates in Word.

About these templates

  • They work on both pc and Mac versions of Word (post 2010).
  • They were personally designed by me.
  • You get lifetime access, including any and all future updates.

About me

  • I've personally self-published over 1,000 books for myself and clients (check out some of the reviews on the home and testimonials pages).
  • I've been using Word since 1994.
  • Microsoft even hired me to help improve their template's usability.
  • Microsoft hired me to write some of their Word help (on their docs site).
  • I'm a certified MOS Word Expert.

All of which should reassure you that, where Word's concerned, I do know what I'm talking about.

Microsoft Office Specialist Word Expert (MOS)

Remember, your payment is a one-off . There are no recurring fees, and is your absolute best chance of being the author you've always wanted to be.


"Working with Russ answers once and for all, "what's the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?" As a result of working with him, I have a new way of working with Word."
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