Word Tips

Funky Find & Replace


Today, I added the 21st template to my Microsoft Word For Businesses Templates pack. This time a checklist template.

When we’re setting up something like a checklist from scratch, the tendency is to do everything manually: set up the styles, tab across, paste in the checkbox, arrow down, repeat, and so on.

But something like this is perfect for Microsoft Word’s find and replace feature.

Here, we take a quick look at how we can use some of Word’s ‘special’ codes to automate what can be a long, drawn-out, and manual process.

As shown in the video, we use various codes to help us:

  • ^p is the code for a pilcrow (the paragraph mark)
  • ^t is the code for a tab mark
  • ^c is the code for the clipboard contents

As you can imagine, when you start incorporating some of these codes/marks, it opens up many more opportunities when working with Word.

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