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Tip #12 – Shortcut Keys

13 Quick Tips - Shortcut Keys

The key to efficiency with using Word is getting away from the mouse. I don’t mean running screaming from the room when a little furry rodent appears in the corner of the room, rather using the keyboard as often as you can in place of your computer’s pointing device.

This is applicable to all sorts o common functions, such as Save (Ctrl+S), Print (Ctrl+P), New (Ctrl+N), etc.

But is also is especially true with formatting, i.e. styles. When you create shortcut keys for styles, formatting becomes a whole lot quicker and easier.

It must be said that if your template is setup correctly, your document formatting will actually flow as you write, and this in itself will make your life a whole lot easier. But if shortcut keys are configured (and used) then you can format on the fly, which will also save you a massive amount of time in the process.

The beauty of this in Word is you can configure and use your own shortcut keys and can increase your productivity no-end.

Indeed, for me, my productivity with Word exploded once I cottoned onto this.

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