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Tip #5 – Pasting into Word

13 Quick Tips - Pasting into Word

“Hey Russ, can you lock the template down so our authors can’t break it?”

If only I had a dollar for every time I‘ve been asked that…

My reply is, “I can, but it’d be much more fruitful to teach them how to use Word.”

Imagine the rolls were reversed… and you were using a tool you hated/despised/disliked and there was a solution, blut your employer wouldn’t pay for the training.

Trust your people, train them to use the tools correctly, and you will be rewarded many times over. (Check out Forbes’ post on Promoting Employee Happiness Benefits Everyone, if you get the chance.)


Ever wondered why, when sometimes you paste into Word it’ll work wonders, yet at other times it’ll mess up and look worse than a rugby prop’s ear? As always, there’s a reason.

The video might enlighten you…

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My Free Introduction to Microsoft Word course is here.

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