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Tip #7 – Section Breaks

13 Quick Tips - Section Breaks

It should be clear to you now that styles are THE most important aspect of Word: Without question, you MUST learn and understand styles. (The more you do learn the better Word will get for you.)

However, the second most important, and the most confusing aspect of Words, is section breaks. They are perplexing for many.

On a side note, there are many functions in Word that you can dip into as and when you need them, e.g. mail merge, track changes, etc., but if you don’t need to know about or learn them, then don’t waste time with them. However, section breaks are a crucial part of Word and it’s important to understand them, their purpose/function, etc.

The biggest issue that many don’t quite get is that section breaks ARE NOT page breaks. They have an entirely different purpose.

The video will help…

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